Welcome to Logistics with Lenny!

We provide practical advice to help logistics managers succeed in their day-to-day responsibilities of keeping their plants running, delivering on-time / least cost to the customer and identifying and implementing process improvements and cost savings!

While we care about the advances in Amazon’s drone door-step deliveries, self-driving trucks, our carbon footprint (really?) and benchmarking Walmart (again?!?!), the executives in the corner offices have only a few, simple  demands:

  • How do our monthly KPIs look?
  • Are you achieving your year-over-year cost savings targets?

With all this pressure, do we really have time to be leafing through the Journal of Commerce, the Wall Street Journal or the myriad of other industry publications?

H E L L   N O  ! !

We need to be learning from each other the best way to reach the goals that will really matter at year-end…at performance review time!

We all face the same pressures.

This site will provide you with some practical knowledge, tips and stories to help you in your endeavors to develop the best, most cost efficient supply chain.

We’ve even developed an on-line education module called “Strategies to Reduce your Air Freight Spend”. This course will help you to learn real-world strategies to reduce your company’s air freight spend. And, it’s FREE!

You can connect to the on-line class here.

My experience has been mainly in domestic and international transportation (FTL, LTL, air, ocean, and customs), but I have significant experience in packaging and incoterms.

If there is a warehousing question, I’ll have to cede to the smarter folks out there.

In short, let’s help each other make our jobs and lives a bit easier.

I’ll share my experiences, challenges and successes and I hope you will reciprocate.

There isn’t a site out there that offers “real world” advice and assistance in the logistics field, so we’re building it here.

Let’s get moving!


4 Responses to Welcome

  1. Great content! It’s simple, it’s useful. Keep up the good work!

    • Lenny says:

      Art, thanks for checking us out and for your comments! Good to see you made your way over to the world of URLs from Instagram!

  2. Sundar says:

    Very good site for practical advise that I can use in my job.

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