A Lineage of Logistics

A Free Trade Agreement Only Yields Benefits with the Right Documents

Cost Savings Tip: Inches can Save You Thousands!

Incoterms…the start and stop point of logistics!

Incoterms Quiz

Which Incoterm is Best for You?

The Incoterms Square

DAP: Delivered at Place…but what Place?

Tales from the Trenches: Delay due to DAP versus DDP

Logistics Learning can Happen Anywhere…even at Ikea!

3D Printers: Leverage for Lower Logistics Costs?

Tales from the Trenches: FedEx First Overnight…Really?!?!

Tales from the Trenches: Heavy Load from India to USA by Air…Really?!?!

Tales from the Trenches: Basic E-Mail Elements for Logistics

Tales from the Trenches: Corruption

Tales from the Trenches: Cost Savings that are the “Low Hanging Fruit”

Tales from the Trenches: New Korean Postal Codes Delay Expedite Shipment

Tales from the Trenches: Unrealistic Expectations

Tales from the Trenches: Drop Down List Delay

Tales from the Trenches: Saturated Skies: Air Freight from Europe to the USA

Tools of the Trade: Center of Gravity Analysis

Tools of the Trade: a Calendar!

Tools of the Trade: Visuals

Tools of the Trade: Outsourced Freight Audit and Pay Services

Tools of the Trade: Data Visualization for Logistics Mapping

Pursue Projects with Persistence

Innovation in Logistics, Part 1: Put the Process in Place

Innovation in Logistics, Part 2: The Self

Innovation in Logistics, Part 3: Getting Creative

Innovation in Logistics, Final

Self-driving Trucks: Possible Solution to our Driver Shortage

Preparing Your 2016 Budget for Trucking Expenditures

Preparing Your 2016 Budget for Ocean Expenditures

Wild Ride

Know Your Rates!

Small Differences, Big Impact

Logistics Trend Radar

Contingency Planning and the Hanjin Bankruptcy

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