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Logistics Learning can Happen Anywhere…even at Ikea!

Ikea is well known for their logistics prowess, especially their ability to design their do-it-yourself furniture with logistics costs in mind. They design their unassembled chairs and desks and bookshelves to fit very tightly in its package, attaining almost 100% … Continue reading

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Tales from the Trenches: FedEx First Overnight…Really?!?!

This actually happened at the $1.5B company I worked for. As part of the logistics management staff, I made it a point to walk through the Shipping & Receiving section on a daily basis. Although we were not a manufacturing … Continue reading

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Cost Savings Tip: Inches can Save You Thousands!

When using air freight, you have to know the difference between “actual” weight and “dimensional” weight. The “actual” weight of the shipment is easy: simply the gross weight of the material + packaging + pallet. It’s the entire weight of … Continue reading

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