Logistics Learning can Happen Anywhere…even at Ikea!

Ikea is well known for their logistics prowess, especially their ability to design their do-it-yourself furniture with logistics costs in mind.
They design their unassembled chairs and desks and bookshelves to fit very tightly in its package, attaining almost 100% density!
We can learn a lot from Ikea, but you don’t need to work there or tour their headquarters in Sweden, you can just visit their stores for lots of ideas.
Below is one great idea that you might be able to apply to one of your company’s products.
But, before we look at Ikea’s packaging method, let’s look at how we typically pack bottles:


Now, how many more of those soda bottles could fit on a pallet if they used the Ikea method?


Do you notice how the floor of each layer has holes that allow the neck of the bottle below to pop through and, therefore, maximize overall density?

I just want to show you that you can get great, innovative ideas from the most mundane of places!

Keep your eyes open for the next big innovation at work…it could be right under your nose.

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Many years of experience in a Fortune 1000 companies, especially in the logistics and I.T. areas of manufacturing companies. Through process improvements and the use of many of the tools mentioned here, I have been able to identify and implement savings opportunities worth up to $10 million. I hope that some of these real-life stories, suggestions and tools can help you!
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