Logistics Trend Radar

What’s new in the world of logistics and how will it impact your job or your company in the near-term?

Typically, we subscribe to on-line magazines and blogs or attend industry conferences in order to keep up with the latest trends and innovations in our field.

It’s imperative for us to keep up-to-date and implement those technologies and innovations that will add value to our areas of responsibility.

In addition to the sources referenced above, we discovered a great source that details all of the latest innovations and trends…and it’s packed into one document called the “Logistics Trend Radar”.
LWL040 Logistics Trend Radar

This is the first year that we have seen it and what a great document it is.

It’s published by the DHL Trend Research team and offers some great insight into trends that are now changing our field!

The document is 55 pages and can be downloaded here.

The first half explains their methodology for including or not including trends in their radar. They also take a look back at trends they identified in the previous publication and let us know whether those trends are still relevant or not.

Pages 16 and 17 are key as they list out the 26 trends complete with a summary description of the trend and a timeline of when we can expect the trend to really make an impact on our field.

The pages that follow go in-depth on each trend and even share how real companies are using that trend today!
LWL040 3D Printing from Amazon

Some of the trends that I think will help my company reduce cost and complexity in the future: Logistics Marketplaces, Shareconomy Logistics, 3D Printing (see our article: 3D Printers: Leverage for Lower Logistics Costs?) and Self Driving Vehicles (see our article: Self-driving Trucks: Possible Solution to our Driver Shortage).

Which trends will most impact you and your business? Let us know!

Stay successful by keeping up with tomorrow’s trends today!

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