Tales from the Trenches: Drop Down List Delay

This is another true story that happened at my company.

It was a very small error that led to a very big delay. We share this with you to emphasize that the “devil is in the details”…really!

We wanted to send an urgent parcel shipment from Hoboken, NJ (USA) to Chicago.

Our team chose the next day service from UPS, however, in completing the air waybill on-line, they highlighted the country of URUGUAY instead of UNITED STATES.

One would think that this kind of mistake would have been immediately identified by the UPS system and stopped.

No. It was not.

Apparently, the UPS system (similar to FedEx, DHL and USPS) routes according to the destination country first, so the package was physically routed to Uruguay.

Instead of arriving the next day to Chicago, our package was sent to the UPS hub in Buenos Aires, Argentina and then sent back to UPS’s hub in Louisville, Kentucky.

It arrived to Chicago 5 days later.

Our customer was not happy and it was due to a very small mistake.

In our business, the most insignificant of errors can lead to huge negative consequences.

We say “sweat the details”!

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Many years of experience in a Fortune 1000 companies, especially in the logistics and I.T. areas of manufacturing companies. Through process improvements and the use of many of the tools mentioned here, I have been able to identify and implement savings opportunities worth up to $10 million. I hope that some of these real-life stories, suggestions and tools can help you!
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