Tools of the Trade: a Calendar!

The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared”!

It’s an important motto for teenage boys, but it can make or break a career for a logistics professional.

In our fast-paced world, we need to be able to anticipate disruptions to our supply lines weeks and, sometimes, months in advance.

The transit times for our far-flung supply chain may be 6 to 7 weeks on many of the international lanes. It is imperative that one has a system to “see” at least two months into the future for extraordinary events and possible disruptions.

One of the easiest ways to anticipate some of these events — holidays and foreign celebrations — is with an old-fashioned calendar marking the critical dates that an overseas supply base is not working.
LWL011 Tools of the Trade Calendar
After marking the holidays that are critical to your inbound and outbound network, be sure that it is visible throughout the year. Of course, setting a reminder in MS Outlook or other calendar applications is recommended.

The key point is that you communicate with the proper stakeholders (your plant material managers, suppliers, customer service representatives and customers) in advance of these disruptions and have a plan to cover for these breaks in the pipeline.

Good luck!

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