Wild Ride

As logistics professionals, we are used to moving toys from China to the USA or automotive parts from Germany to South Africa or coffee from Columbia to Europe, but very seldom do we hear about moving live cattle, by air, from Australia to China!

LWL032 Wild Ride Cattle and Plane

That is exactly what some of our colleagues did just a few weeks ago.

Due to the scarcity of beef in China and the rising price of this meat, the Australians and Chinese penned a deal to move a herd of live cattle from Melbourne to Chongqing, China.

The 747-400 cargo plane carried about 170 steers during the 12 hour journey.

Of course, there were lots of jokes about “flying cattle class,” “the cows jumped over the moon” and the “jet-set Jerseys”, but one has to stop and think about the true logistics of the move: retrofitting a cargo aircraft, crating the cattle, the veterinary care, the customs documentation, etc.

LWL032 Wild Ride Cows in Crates

This is an immense logistics undertaking that shows the complexity of our profession and the variety of cargo that we can move from point A to point B.

You can read more about this fascinating move at the web site of the Australian magazine, “Farm Weekly”.

As we were researching for this short article, we also ran across a photo of Sheep Air…moving sheep from Australia as well!

LWL032 Wild Ride Sheep Air

We’re part of a great profession…we move the world!

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